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Melbourne prog/alt metal giants Circles mark their momentous return with ‘The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol:1’, the first EP release of an epic 2 part EP, out via Wild Thing Records on November 25th, 2022.

In the midst of being in the longest locked down city in the world, the group found solace in writing the next chapter of the Circles story. Following on from the major international success of album The Last One (2018), the resulting Vol:1 EP showcases the band’s evolving sound; exemplified by innovative songwriting nous coupled with subtle technicality, whilst also demonstrating familiar elements that have attracted a loyal global fanbase over their extensive career.

Vol:1 displays Circles’ direct and textured approach to alt/prog/metal to full effect, soaring with their artful and sensitive exploration to songwriting. Whether they’re marching through angular heavy riffs, tip-toeing across delicate electronics, or bobbing in subtle clean waves, the band takes you on an unforgettable journey that demands attention. With overarching themes of loss of identity and purpose, converging with trying to recapture one’s wonder and passion, Circles have crafted a modern tapestry of heavy music with plenty of wider appeal.

The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol:1 is produced and mixed by Circles’ own Ted Furuhashi (Twelve Foot Ninja -Silent Machine), with its music videos directed by Circles’ David Hunter (Caligula’s Horse -Slow Violence), and mastering duties handled by Luke Cincotta (Karnivool -Asymmetry)

Circles’ sophomore record The Last One (2018), an album of tremendous power via Wild Thing Records/Season Of Mist, was the group’s debut with front-man Ben Rechter, whose lush dynamic voice became a signature of Circles’ ever expanding sound. With guitarist Rechter assuming the role of lead vocalist and fellow band members Furuhashi (guitar/backing vocals), Hunter (drums), and Drew Patton (bass guitar/screamed vocals) providing a maelstrom of musical brutality, The Last One was incredibly well received worldwide. The release landed the chart positions of #3 AIR Independent Albums and #47 ARIA Digital Albums, while reaching close to 3 million Spotify streams worldwide, and a No.4 spot on the TheMusic’s Album of The Year (2018 Writers Poll).

Circles’ tour-de-force live show has taken them across Australia, Europe, and the UK, complemented by festivals such as Euroblast, Prog Power, and Progfest, and a touring history with some of the who’s who of international progressive/alternative heavy music; The Dillinger Escape Plan, Opeth, Fear Factory, Periphery, TesseracT, and Twelve Foot Ninja, to name a few.

Formed in 2010, Circles have constantly been at the forefront of progressive heavy music, with their musical foundations becoming a strong component of the worldwide djent movement. Earlier releases from UK’s Basick Records, 2011’s EP The Compass and 2013’s Infinitas, garnered unanimously positive reaction from fans and critics across the globe.

  • Ben Rechter | Lead Vocals / Guitar
  • Ted Furuhashi | Guitar / Backing vocals
  • David Hunter | Drums


Music Videos

Circles - Echo (Official Video)
Circles - Sleepwalking (Official Video)
Circles - Dig (Official Video)
Circles - Dream Sequence (official music video)
Circles - Tether (official music video)

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