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Melbourne five-piece Future Static create an exhilarating synthesis of alternative, melodic, and progressive to shape a unique brand of emotional heavy music which is unlike any other.

Formed by bassist Kira Neil, guitarist Ryan Qualizza, and ex-members Brianna Marsh (lead vocals), and Shayana Mannays (drums), the band went on to make undeniable waves in the Australian alternative heavy scene, landing supports with local frontrunners such as Windwaker, Stepson, and Belle Haven, plus sharing the stage with UK’s Casey. Having built an impressive live show, coupled with their always honest connection with the crowd, the group ventured into the studio to create a raw, introspective exploration of self-destruction with the EP Fatalist (2020).

The melodic yet heavy instrumentation, juxtaposed by the close to the heart themes and lyrics, caught the eye of guitarist Jack Smith and drummer Jackson Trudel who joined the lineup, bringing their immense technical prowess to fold. Released in the midst of a global pandemic, Future Static relentlessly marched on with Fatalist, garnering rave reviews off the back of heavy and emotionally complex singles such as Choke, Dead End, and title track The Fatalist; including additions to Spotify editorial playlists ‘Rock Out’ and ‘Homegrown + Heavy’.

In the wake of Brianna Marsh’s departure, the group were at a crossroads, yearning to keep their momentum going, while on the lookout for a dynamic and inspiring vocalist who could truly complement their eclectic sound. Prior to the commencement of their search, in a chance of fate, the band was contacted by an unknown commodity, Amariah Cook. Born in Melbourne and raised in Barcelona from a young age, the prodigious daughter of a classically trained duo of travelling musicians, Amariah seemed destined for a flourishing career in music.

Following her bold decision to move back to Melbourne at the age of 18, Amariah struggled to acclimatise and establish herself musically before linking up with Future Static; finally fulfilling her lifelong ambition to connect with a likeminded musical family that she could call her own. In return, the band gained a driven singer who would go on to spearhead their musical vision. Amariah’s debut performances turned heads, headlined by her charismatic personality, endless energy, spontaneous stagecraft, and incredible proficiency in both in harsh and clean vocals, which have an unexplainable timeless quality to them.

With their new frontwoman at the helm, the group’s profile elevated to another level. Their pulsating performances led to inking a management deal with Wild Thing Music Group, and a worldwide record deal with Wild Thing Records. With their debut album release planned for 2022, and international touring on the horizon, this is a band that will most definitely be one to watch for the future.

  • Amariah Cook | Lead Vocals
  • Kira Neil | Bass / Backing Vocals
  • Ryan Qualizza | Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Jack Smith | Guitar
  • Jackson Trudel | Drums

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Future Static - Waves (Official Video)

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